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Christian Based Services

If you receive your license from the state in which you reside, then you will be legally obliged to follow all state laws pertaining to the fields of psychology and counseling. While these rules vary from state to state, they all aim to protect the public and its interests. They also guarantee a certain level of professionalism from people working in these fields. The key point about receiving a license from the state, if you wish to be a Christian counselor, is that the state mandates that anyone who receives counsel should not encounter any religious influence from his/her counselor.In most states in the U.S., counselors licensed by the state “must not promote their personal religious beliefs,” because it is considered unethical. It is therefore forbidden for a counselor to pray, read from or discuss the Bible, or counsel against particular acts or lifestyles on which the Church takes a moral stand. A state-licensed counselor may discuss religious viewpoints, activities, principles, lessons, etc.only if the individual receiving counsel specifically requests help in these areas.So often the question that arises is, "What if I am a Christian?"  I do provide Christian, faith based services.  This is applicable to any Christian belief, no matter what the denomination.  We can delve as little or as much into the connection between the current issues and faith as you, the client are comfortable.  Please be aware that I do not provide the same faith based services that a pastor or priest would be able to provide, such as direct quotes or interpretations of the Bible.  I do however, feel that if your faith plays an important and supporting role in your life, we can utilize it to find solutions to the issues that may be bringing you into my office.  Please feel free to ask questions about the role of faith in the counseling process at any time.  

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